Patient's Guide
Patient & Family Rights and Responsibilities
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Emergency Help :
+60 6 - 283 5888
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Emergency Help : Call us at +60 6 - 283 5888
Find a Doctor
Emergency Help :
+60 6 - 283 5888
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Putra Specialist Hospital Melaka mandates all healthcare facilities should abide, respect and comply with the following stated Patients & Families Rights and Responsibilities and at all the times safeguard and preserve patient/family right during the course of clinical care and other services provided to the patient. All patient must be informed about their rights in a manner that they can understand.

Patient and Family Rights: -

  • Access to timely and appropriate care
  • Choice of competent health professional
  • Clear information on diagnosis, investigations, treatment and potential outcome or side effects
  • Treated with dignity, respect and companion
  • Information on charges related to treatment
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Respect special needs
  • Choice and refusal of treatment
  • Assistance to health education, self-care and prevention
  • Informed consent

Patient and Family Responsibilities: -

  • Comply with hospital policies and regulations
  • Be transparent and truthful about own medical history and organ donor status
  • Consider the rights of the others, respect and courteous to all staff, doctors, nurses and visitors
  • Care of hospital equipment and facilities, reduce wastage of precious resources
  • Safeguard own property and belongings in the Hospital
  • Prohibited to smoke in Hospital premises
  • Cooperate on mutually accepted treatment care plan, schedule and its consequences
  • Be informed on own illness or health condition and participate in treatment decision
  • Settle payment due for consultation and treatment
  • Feedback and suggestions through officer in charge or email to